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Pup & Pony Co.

Pup & Pony Co. Hudson Lead Shank

Pup & Pony Co. Hudson Lead Shank

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Our waxed thread embroidered buffalo harness leather leads in Hudson are a beautiful ode to Hudson's Bay Company and their iconic colours, a beloved symbol of Canada. Solid brass hardware, highly sought after leather stopper, and a Pup & Pony signature logo adorn the lead shank stitched in the classic green, red, yellow, and indigo pattern.

Pup & Pony Co. lead shanks are just over an inch wide. The chain is approx. 29 inches long, the leather is approx. 72 inches long-together the length is approx. 2.5 meters, or just over 8 feet long. 

Our products are hand crafted, and therefore the stitching and length may vary slightly from product to product.

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